BYB Partnership

Avon Sports Apparel and Brickyard Battalion Partner

The Brickyard Battalion and Avon Sports Apparel are proud to announce their partnership supporting Indianapolis' Professional soccer team. "Being part of the soccer community as a supplier and also fans of the Game, we couldn't think of a better way to support the fans of our newest professional team in Indiana. We are looking forward to a long relationship with the Battalion and it's members." said P.J. Orlando, vice-president of Avon Sports Apparel.

"Our partnership with Avon Sports Apparel will provide our members with real value when they're out there looking for the very best in soccer gear," said Derek Richey, President of the Brickyard Battalion. "Most of our members are young and very involved with sports, so I couldn't think of a better partner than Avon Sports Apparel as we go forward. We're excited to have Avon Sports Apparel on board as sponsor of the Brickyard Battalion and its members, and we look forward to a lasting partnership as we all look towards the launch of professional soccer in Indianapolis in 2014."
Current information on the Brickyard Battalion and the Professional Team may be found in Avon Sports Apparel stores. Avon Sports Apparel will be a discount partner of the Brickyard Battalion.
For information, please go to:
About Brickyard Batallion:
The Brickyard Battalion is a supporters group of over 500 members that was started in 2011 with the sole purpose of bringing professional soccer back to Indianapolis. Now that Indianapolis once again has a pro soccer team, The Brickyard Battalion's goal is to assure and build unprecedented support for Indy pro soccer, on a scale that has never been seen in the NASL before.
About Avon Sports Apparel:
Avon Sports Apparel is the largest soccer specialty store in Indiana, established in 1984. They have 2 stores in the Indianapolis area, with over 8,000 feet of retail space. They have been recognized as a Top-40 Soccer Store in the United States. They are the official supplier to Indiana Soccer Association. They have been selected as the Adidas Store to Indiana University's Coaching Symposium and to the University of Notre Dame National Soccer Coaching Seminar.

Heat Press

We offer a service not many other compaines will offer, on the spot heat pressing for individual garments. We also offer heat pressing for teams and larger orders as well, but please allow more time depending on the size of the order.


Heat Press prices:

If the garment is not purchased at Avon Sports Apparel a $2.00 service charge per garment is added to the subtotal, once you reach a 10 garment limit, the price drops to $1.00 per garment. 

The letters for backs and fronts of shirts are $0.50 per letter, and these are two inch block letters in several colors.

Available logos in store range from $4.00 to $6.00.

Numbers for back and front of shirts are priced:

2" numbers are $0.50

4" numbers are $0.75

6" numbers are $1.50

8" numbers are $2.00

No order is too small or too large for our company, however please take time into consideration based on order size.